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Dźwignia serwa MIRACLE 1" JR
Dźwignia serwa MIRACLE 1" JR

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FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka
FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka
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Zawartość zestawu:

    - nadajnik FX-32 2.4 GHz (FASST, FHSS, FASSTest)
    - pakiet zasilający LiPo 7.4 V / 3400 mAh
    - odbiornik FASSTest®-R7008SB 2.4 GHz
    - wyłącznik z gniazdem ładowania
    - ładowarka samochodowa 12V (2A)
    - ładowarka sieciowa 230V
    - dodatkowy zestaw długich końcówek drążków
    walizka aluminiowa (posiada rysy i ślady korozji na metalowych narożnikach od strony uchwytu)

The Top One, and Futaba Quality. The FX-32 is a fully expanded High-End 18-channel console transmitter with integrated telemetry functions, exploiting 2.4 GHz FASSTest® Technology.

The FX-32 exploits Futaba‘s FASSTest® technology to provide optimum transmission security and a direct, ultra-precise sensation of control. Combine all this with a comprehensive array of functions and the usual high Futaba quality, and the F-32 is the perfect transmitter for all demanding pilots.


    FASSTest® 2.4 GHz technology
    Superior interference rejection through a combination of the advantages of DSSS and FHSS modulation
    Future-proof (already fulfils the new EU norm)
    32-channel telemetry system
    Up to 1000 m telemetry range
    Real-time display on large screen
    Speech output, melody and tone output, vibration alarm
    Data recording of control signals and telemetry data
    94 x 35 mm backlit screen (255 x 96 dots)
    S.BUS technology for fully digital inclusion of S.BUS servos, S.BUS speed controllers and S.BUS sensors
    Fully expanded 18-channel transmitter with twenty freely programmable physical controls
    Accurate stick units with Open-Stick mechanisms and 12-bit resolution
    Zero backlash
    quadruple ballraces


    18 channels
    FASSTest® technology (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum technology)
    FASSTest® hybrid technology combines the advantages of DSSS and FHSS modulation, with extreme channel spread (spread factor 11)
    DSSS spreading combined with optimised FHSS frequency hopping produces superior interference rejection and ultra-fast response for an accurate, direct sensation of control.
    100 mW transmitter power
    Real-Time Response
    The latency (interval between moving the stick and the servo's response) of the FASST / FASSTest® system is much faster than other 2.4 GHz systems.
    Extreme range >3000m
    Ultra-fast, direct, completely digital modulation for super-fast response
    Switchable FASSTest® High-Speed mode: ultra-fast frame rate of 6.3 ms for digital servos (12-channel, reduced telemetry functions)
    Easy Link - extremely simple, fast binding process between transmitter and receiver
    Ultra-fast, reliable, automatic re-binding even under difficult conditions
    Intelligent servo timing ensures simultaneous servo movement, preventing differential servo response
    Dual Aerial Diversity – lightning-fast switching between two receiver aerials for optimum reception signal quality (depending on receiver type)
    Pre-Vision – FASST / FASSTest® receivers constantly scan the input signal and apply intelligent Futaba error correction.
    No loss of response speed even when the frequency band is densely occupied
    Integral range test function for checking effective range before launching the model
    Modulation can be switched to FASST or FHSS for backward compatibility with existing Futaba components


    Synchronised bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver, with high telemetry data rate (max. 9 times per second)
    32 telemetry channels
    Max. 1000 m telemetry range
    Real-time display of telemetry data on integral screen
    Speech output via user-selectable switch
    Melody and sound output (for differentiated vario information)
    Vibration alarm
    Data recording of control signals (stick movements) and telemetry data on SD card
    PC analysis software for recorded telemetry / GPS data and control signals
    Receiver signal strength display for monitoring effective range
    Range warning system (with optional GPS sensor) for safe flying close to the limits of vision
    Receiver low-voltage warning system for monitoring the receiver battery
    Freely configurable telemetry data output using screen, sound, speech and vibration


    Precision stick units with 12-bit (4096-step) resolution for ultra-precise, super-fine control
    The "Open-Stick" mechanisms of the stick units feature quadruple ballraces, and are virtually devoid of backlash
    Large, 94 x 35 mm, high-contrast backlit screen (255 x 96 dot) for superb legibility even in strong sunlight
    Graphic user interface and intuitive Cap-Touch control wheel (with button lock) for simple operation of all functions
    Seven languages available: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech or Dutch.
    Standardised, intuitive Futaba method of operation for a simple change-over
    Freely assignable transmitter controls
    Freely selectable channel sequence
    Expanded as standard with 20 transmitter controls: 6 switches, 2 rotary knobs, 2 digital rotary controls
    The two digital rotary controls provide a practical method of controlling auxiliary functions without releasing the primary sticks
    Freely selectable trim assignment for all transmitter controls (including switches etc.)
    The FX-32 transmitter features the proven Rotary Trim method. This technology combines the advantages of traditional analogue trims with those of digital trims. Just one movement sets and automatically stores the direction and magnitude of the trim value.
    Hardware reverse for all controls and switches with free selection of switching direction
    Direct selection of model memory in Start display for fast model selection
    The primary stick mechanisms are set to universal mode by default, and can be set to "throttle right" or "throttle left" by the user.
    Switchable stick mode: modes 1 - 4 available

Trainer function

    option of cable or radio trainer module
    with individual function transfer (teacher can transfer individual functions to the pupil) and mix-mode operation (teacher can override all functions)
    Freely configurable Trainer channel assignment

S.BUS technology

    Digital BUS technology for modelling
    Ground-breaking serial control bus.
    Fully digital inclusion of S-BUS components, including S.BUS servos, S.BUS speed controllers and S.BUS sensors, compatible with S.BUS1 and S.BUS2 (bi-directional)
    Allows optimum component positioning combined with efficient wiring layout
    Future-proof digital technology for all future Futaba components. S.BUS components can be programmed and registered directly via the transmitter
    Serial digital signal, ideal for flybarless systems, gyros and battery backers

General functions

    30 integral model memories, with infinite expansion by means of SD card (max. 2 GB, SD and SD-HC), 3916 models per optional 2GB SD card.
    Model memory data from T12FG and FX-30 transmitters can be read directly from the SD card.
    Graphic servo monitor provides a clear display of all servo travels, with servo test function
    Wide receiver voltage range of 3.6 V to 8.4 V allows broad choice of receiver battery types
    Future-proof: software update facility using SD card.
    Proven, practical mixer menus for programming all servos and mixer functions to suit model type
    Special model type specific mixer programs for:
    power models (2 - 6 wing flaps),
    model gliders (2 - 8 wing flaps),
    model helicopters (6 swashplate types)
    8 freely programmable flight modes for each model memory, for optimum set-up of each flight mode - flight mode switching with priority and switching delay for smooth transitions. Unrestricted name selection.
    Program for all tail types: Normal, V-Tail, Delta, Flying wing, separate elevators (Ailvator)
    Servo throw adjustment with Limit-Function for all proportional channels
    Servo reverse and mid-point adjustment for all proportional channels
    Flight phase dependent trim control selection
    Trim value display in steps or %
    Failsafe and Battery-Failsafe settings
    2 operation timer, of which one model memory related
    2 free stop watches, with memory function
    Switchable large display of stop watches
    Function key lock prevents accidental data entry
    With logical switch function for switches and primary sticks.
    Digital stick trims, optionally with normal, centre or ATL (asymmetrical) trim function. Optional global mode (effective in all flight modes) or single mode, (effective in specific flight mode only).
    Unrestricted selection of trim control for each transmitter control (including switches and sliders), including digital buttons, analogue rotary knobs and rotary sliders.
    Alternatively, pre-programmed transmitter control settings from linear, via exponential, up to 9-point (or 17-point) curve. With separately variable speed setting and delay for forward and back movement. Optional "global" mode (effective in all flight modes) or "single" mode (effective only in the relevant flight mode).
    10 free programmable mixers per model memory.. Pre-programmed transmitter control settings available, from linear to 9-point curve (can be expanded to 17 points).
    Optionally with or without trim, "Stick-to-stick" or "Stick-to-servo" mixer mode.
    Separate delay and speed settings for switching mixers on and off.
    Mixers can be connected in series (cascaded). All switches, stick functions and virtual functions can be assigned as transmitter controls.
    Offset function and fine adjustment using external mixer input trimmer; can be rotary knob, switch or stick.
    Optional global mode (effective in all flight modes) or single mode, (effective only in specific flight mode).
    Alternatively, each programmable mixer can be switched from a curve mixer to Offset mode. This Offset mixer makes it possible to mix a maximum of four offset values per programmable mixer, with separate delay and speed settings for switching mixer on and off, to affect freely selectable functions.
    Choice of time-controlled offset functions for up to four functions; can be used as a landing gear door sequencer. Naturally, this mixer function can also be activated in "global" mode (settings applicable to all flight modes) or "separate" mode (effective only in specific flight mode). Door Sequencer

FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka
FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka FUTABA FX-32 2.4GHz + R7008SB + LiPo + Walizka
Data dodania produktu: 04 kwiecień 2019.